Simply Zorro

Without Zorro there would be no Batman.

The inspiration that sparked Bob Kane’s imagination started out with the man behind the Zorro mask.

The shared similarities are evident, to name a few:
Don Diego De La Vega is a wealthy diplomat, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy.
Zorro travels horseback on his trusty jet black Tornado, Batman rides the state of the art dark Batmobile.
Their base of operations are secret lairs (or caves) hidden underneath their mansions.
They are inventors, scientists and detectives. They have sidekicks who they also call family.

Bob Kane was considerate enough to make it clear on his comic book that Zorro was significant, even to Bruce Wayne personally for the creation of Batman.
If you pay close attention to the comics (and even some films and animations) it was the movie “The Mark of Zorro” that Bruce and his parents went to see together at the theater before Bruce’s parents were murdered, originating his motive and main purpose as the Dark Knight.

As a kid growing up in Latin America, Zorro was a staple to our culture and our after school TV bingeing. Although the story was created by Johnston McCulley an American gentlemen, it had tremendous influence in Mexican and Hispanic culture. McCulley really did cater and took advantage of the latino demographic in a time where that wasn’t the norm.

Since the 1920’s and up to recently 2005, movies and televisions shows have been produced depicting Zorro and his adventures.
He is not like any other superhero, as a matter of fact he doesn’t even have any super powers, that’s what attracts me to this story, his heroic qualities include brilliant brain and brave brawn. That is another reason (in my opinion) that Zorro became so popular, because it was plausible that such hero could exist (or had existed).

Perhaps one day I will ride into the night as well.

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Remembering Rocky

Remember the Rocky movies? Sure you do! Every dude knows them at least.

They have been part of every teenage boy’s life for generations!

Since the 70’s we have gotten a Rocky movie per decade:

Rocky (1976)
Rocky II (1979)
Rocky III (1982)
Rocky IV (1985)
Rocky V (1990)
Rocky Balboa(2006)
Creed (2015)

All the characters and fighters each with their unique charismatic qualities make the films what they are, sure Stallone is milking this cow dry and sure he has made some mistakes in the timeline, but the greatness outweighs the crappy bits.

Pixelmania comes in various forms and sizes, in this case we have a 16bit special feat. the legendary Super Punch Out! World Circuit boxing ring.

Which one is your favourite movie? Oh and by the way, there’s one more coming out!


It was bound to happen…

By now you may already now that I am a big TMNT fan.

When I noticed them as a 5 year old and that one of the turtles shared my name, I was hooked.

I was gifted all the toys, apparel, rare memorabilia and of course underwear amongst other items of turtle fandom. Little did I know that they would one day hold sentimental value to me and as a kid I trashed all my stuff.

But the memories are intact, I can always retrieve to happier days when all I cared about was 4 green dudes appearing on my screen.

But what is it that we like about them so much?

Aside from the colourful aspects and the mix of robots, animals and martial arts in one, I think it’s the tight brotherhood that they display throughout their history which makes us attracted to them time and time again.
We all have ‘bros’ that we consider our ‘gang’. And if we don’t, we all yearn for that.

And so it has come time for me to #Pixelmania my favourite comic book characters of all time.

There has been many different styles and versions of the Ninja Turtles, I guess my favourite ones would have to be the classic 1990 movie gang. Seeing them in real life was the greatest thing back then, even better than sliced bread.

They have come and gone since the 1980’s, but now one thing is for sure, they are here to stay – for all generations to enjoy.

Cowabunga dudes. Cowabunga.

RAFA |:|)


The Dragon

Who was Bruce Lee?

A man, an actor, a stuntman, a martial artist, a teacher, a migrant, a son, father, husband, brother… but if you asked him he would’ve told you “I am a philosopher.”

My admiration of Lee began when I was a teen, I had early memories of him but it wasn’t until I learnt about his son that I got really interested in his life work.

Not only did he develop and invented Mixed Martial Arts (decades before UFC and it’s modern popularity), but he also inspired hundreds of emerging entertainers around the world (and continues to do so).

He was fascinated by American pop culture and began acting at very young age.
His parents were also in the industry and you could say he was destined for stardom, but no one could have guessed what a nova he would turn out to be.

The thing that attracts me the most is his determination, how he came from nothing and became everything.

But do you know who he was?
What is your earliest memory of his imagery?

One of his quotes helps motivates me and fuels my #Pixelmania hobby:
“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

Can you name all of the below? (did I miss any? let me know!)

RAFA |:|)




Well hello there!

Check out my new website where I have started to get my sh*t together and focus on the things I love and wish to share with you.

Going forward I will be posting random stuff that I create like pixelart and comic book, retro gaming and wrestling fandom related material, as well as original videos and short films. (don’t worry I am still Latino and will also be sharing stuff related!)

I’m gonna try really hard to create something outta nothing! So as a little re-opening gift take a look at the first of many #pixelmania installment, what better way to start with iconic TV show personalities, 4 of my personal favourites! No need for introductions…

Stay tuned!

RAFA |:|)