The World’s Most Dangerous Pixelart

I didn’t quite grow up listening to NWA in their peak, however I do remember their image and being told “they are bad men, don’t listen to them, they are gangsters who hurt people” etc. Along with the Simpsons they were in the “No-No pile”.

It wasn’t until my late teens when I was heavy into Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap and RnB that I discovered them and learnt about their influence to the music in general (and that they didn’t really hurt anyone).

I like their poetry and team work, each one brings a different element to the group.
I like how 2 of their members became cornerstones of the entertainment industry, broke many barriers and are still influencing (and funding) many artists today.
I enjoyed the movie “Straight Outta Compton” their story is a typical tragedy where it ends too soon for one and in turn all. What could have been? What would be now?
All good things come to an end. The good die young.

They sure don’t make them like this anymore, nowadays all rap songs sound the same! they brag about money and ‘bitches’. Their names are ridiculous and their fan bases are internet fed misguided sheep. They are all emulators.

Can’t believe that when I am an old man I will be saying to my grand kids

PWA – Pixelmania With Attitude



FAVOURITES – Ring The Damn Bell!

I stumbled across this site a while back and it quickly became one of my favourite daily visits.

A number of well educated British wrestling fans (I believe), put together a number of articles on a weekly basis that will most definitely boost your pro wrestling history knowledge.

It ain’t like most wrestling blogs were they just give out their opinion, they back it all up with facts and sources. Mostly based about the “Golden Era” of wrestling (mid 80’s to Early 00’s) this blog is a must for old school fans.

Articles include flashback Nitro and Raw reviews from the Monday Night Wars, ‘Wrestling With Sin’ a collection of controversial happenings in and out of the ring, ‘What Ever Happened To’ where they take a look a what could have been’s and has-been’s of the industry, amongst other interesting point of views all with awesome photographs to back up their tales.

Complete with a Facebook page and Twitter handle, you can get a constant slamming!
If you are ever wondering how it really went down make sure you give it a read and learn the truth!

A wrestling trip down memory lane indeed! Give them a following to get more stories, I reckon they could put together a podcast one day, what do you think?


BLOG: Ring The Damn Bell!

FaceBook: Ring The Damn Bell!

TWITTER: Ring The Damn Bell!