It was bound to happen…

By now you may already now that I am a big TMNT fan.

When Iย noticed them as a 5 year old and that one of the turtles shared my name, I was hooked.

I was giftedย all the toys, apparel, rare memorabilia and of course underwear amongst other items of turtle fandom. Little did I know that they would one day hold sentimental value to me and as a kid I trashed all my stuff.

But the memories are intact, I can always retrieve to happier days when all I cared about was 4 green dudes appearing on my screen.

But what is it that we like about them so much?

Aside from the colourful aspects and the mix of robots, animals and martial arts in one,ย I think it’s the tight brotherhood that they display throughout their history which makes us attracted to them time and time again.
We all have ‘bros’ that we consider our ‘gang’. And if we don’t, we all yearn for that.

And so it has come time for me to #Pixelmania my favourite comic book characters of all time.

There has been many different styles and versions of the Ninja Turtles, I guess my favourite ones would have to be the classic 1990 movie gang. Seeing them in real life was the greatest thing back then, even better than sliced bread.

They have come and gone since the 1980’s, but now one thing is for sure, they are here to stay – for all generations to enjoy.

Cowabunga dudes. Cowabunga.

RAFA |:|)




Well hello there!

Check out my new website where I have started to get my sh*t together and focus on the things I love and wish to share with you.

Going forward I will be posting random stuff that I create like pixelart and comic book, retro gaming and wrestling fandom related material, as well as original videos and short films. (don’t worry I am still Latino and will also be sharing stuff related!)

I’m gonna try really hard to create something outta nothing! So as a little re-opening gift take a look at the first of many #pixelmaniaย installment, what better way to start with iconic TV show personalities, 4 of my personal favourites! No need for introductions…

Stay tuned!

RAFA |:|)