Anti-Anxiety Emergency Kit.

Nowadays anxiety and depression are a common topic especially if you are dude.

Stress causes Anxiety which in turn leads to depression.

Dealing with day to day work (or looking for a solid career/income), staying up to date socially, maintaining a strong family presence, plus honoring all the responsibilities that come with being the ‘Man of the House’ can take its toll on any adult male (at any stage of their lives).

But what do you do when emotions run hard and we don’t know how to deal with it?

You pull out the Anti-Anxiety Emergency Kit of course!

Besides the moral support and modern anti-depression campaigns on Social Media, there are other methods you should be aware of and practice regularly to combat these feelings that may cause great impact on our lives.

Our body is like a complicated machine made up up of many elements and parts, each of them unique. Therefore we should know how to maintain and ‘service’ our anatomy accordingly. Self respects starts here. How can you take care of someone else and respect them, if you don’t do it for yourself? Well, logical truth is, you cannot!

When feeling anxious try the 5 Senses technique: (source – Smart Living Network)

  • Seeing: “What can I see all around me?” I’ll study my surrounding noting all the tiny details.
  • Hearing: “What can I hear?” I’ll listen and attempt to place all the sounds I hear – what’s making the noise? Is it near or far? Right or left?
  • Feeling: “What am I feeling?” I’ll note both internal and external sensations – fabric or sun or a breeze on my skin, slight tension in certain muscles maybe.
  • Smelling: “What can I smell?” Our sense of smell has a powerful tie to our mind, memory, and mood.
  • Tasting: “What do I taste?” Yes, even if you’re not eating or chewing on anything, your mouth still has a residual flavor.

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential and the beginning of a stress free life.

Enjoying an outing in moderation is not a bad thing. If you are not willing to give up excessive drinking and copious amounts of fried/fatty foods and have anxiety/depression – look no further!

You are what you eat – a message that normally goes in one ear and out the other.
But how serious are you about beating  A+D? And believe me YOU CAN BEAT IT.

Never underestimate the power of Good Food.
Vitamins B & C as well as Antioxidants are ‘Stress Smashers’.

Here are the Top 10 Foods That Reduce Anxiety and Stress (source – Men’s Fitness)

1. AsparagusFolic Acid
2. AvocadoVitamin B
3. Blueberries – Antioxidants and Vitamin C
4. Almonds Vitamin B2 and E
5. Oranges Vitamin C
6. Salmon Omega 3
7. Spinach – Magnesium
8. TurkeyAmino Acids
9. Oatmeal – High Fibre
10. Milk –
Antioxidants, Vitamin B2 and B12

What is wrong?
“I don’t know.”
Is a common response when we are feeling down. And normally we leave it at that and hope for the best. But the power to know is in your hands (and in your belly).

A good man doesn’t live in wonder, instead firstly, he analysis the problem, secondly he learns the cause and assesses the possible solutions then lastly he implements the best solution accordingly (and maintains it).

When you live a healthy life, your mind becomes a clearer, you think straight, you don’t make harsh decisions because you are too tired or sick. You are more active, you are more mindful and appreciative.

#ItsOkToTalk but #ItsOkToRead too, the same way you feed your body good food, you should be feeding your brain good thought.

I hope this kit helps you out in anyway, cause I know it helps me – a great deal.
#TheJourneyContinues #StayStrongBro

If you are still feeling blue get some more support here >>> Beyond Blue.
RAFA |:|)


Starting from square one…

Life is like a board game at times, we have good streaks and then all of the sudden like ‘Snakes and Ladders‘ we step into the wrong square and end up where we started.

That’s when we have to take a moment to first of all not give up and re-think our strategy.

Giving up is easy, sitting on nothing and wasting time is even easier.

That’s when we have to value our selves, remember our morals and values. That’s when we have to pull out the ‘Life Emergency Kit’ (whatever that is for you) and put it to good use. Mending our cuts, repairing our brakes, rebuilding.
Remembering why we chose to play the game of LIFE in the first place and sticking to our plans with slight or big adjustments made.

I believe Social Media can be dangerous to someone with low self-esteem or anxiety/depression problems, as we live double lives in it, we feel like our friends (hundreds of them) are constantly watching us and that we cannot ever slip!
But if we just took the time to look, we could see each other in the same boat. Maybe all it would take is a simple question #RUOK?, besides games are better when you are playing with friends.
Social Media makes us anti-social in real life if we don’t know how to use it, if we don’t know when to turn the smart device off and live our REAL LIVES…

When all else fails, it doesn’t hurt to step back and take a look, take a break as long as it takes, do what makes you happy – pull your self together and roll the dice again because there’s a WIN there for everyone.